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White Feet Tile Industry incorporated in the year 2013 , in Chennai, Tamil Nadu ,The Company Has Proved itself to be the well known Manufacturers & Suppliers of Cool Roof Tiles and Designer Tiles . Our product range comprises of Cool Roof Tiles / White Roof Tiles , Designer Tiles . Our products stand high in terms of quality and performance. The raw materials are sourced from the reliable vendors and our experts stringently check them on varied parameters. R.Ranjith kumar (Director of White Feet ) has helped us to become the reckoned market player in offering Cool Roof Tiles as well as Designer Tiles. His guidance, support and leadership paved a way for our success in spite of severe competition in industry. he guides the team personally, in order to enhance their skills and to make them competent enough of facing the challenges of the market. We have developed a well-equipped warehouse, where products are stored safely until they are delivered to the clients. Segregated into varied departments, it ensures easy retrieval whenever the need arises. Besides, entire unit is looked after by the experienced warehouse personnel, having years of industrial experience. We believe in following customer-oriented approach, which has helped us to win the trust of vast clientele. Our aim is to reach and serve the masses, hence, we make our range available at comparatively low prices . Suggestions of the clients are welcomed and we valued them. MISSION “ We Continuously Support The Eco Friendly Environment in The World by Our Products ” VISION “ We Create Products Which Makes Development in the Tiles Industry and Improvement To Society “ OUR SERVICES , Heat Resistant Tiles in Chennai, White Tile Manufacturer in Chennai, Cool Roof Tile manufacturers in Chennai, White Tile Manufacturers, Designer Tile Manufacturers In Chennai, Tile Manufacturers In Chennai, Tile Weather Proof In Chennai, Clay Tile Manufacturers In Chennai, Terracotta Tile Manufactuters In Chennai, Roof Tile Manufacturers In Chennai, Roofing Material Manufacturers In Chennai, Roof Tile Manufacturers in Chennai, Thermal Insulation Tiles Manufacturer in Chennai Thermal Tiles Manufacturer In Chennai Solar Reflective Tiles in Chennai Heat Reflective Tiles in Chennai Step tiles Manufacturers in Chennai, Chequered Tiles Manufacturer In Chennai , Car Parking Tiles Manufacturers in Chennai, Pavement Tiles Manufacturer in chennai Exterior Tiles Manufacturer in Chennai Concrete Tiles Manufacturer in Chennai OUR PRODUCTS, THERMAL INSULATION TILES , THERMAL BARRIER TILES, THERMAL TILES, WHITE ROOF TILES, ORDINARY WHITE TILES, DESIGNER WHITE TILES, HEAT PROOF TILES, TERRACOTTA WEATHERING TILES, CLAY WEATHER PROOF TILES, WHITE FEET WEATHERING TILES, CHEMICAL RESISTANT TILES, COOL WEATHER PROOF TILES, HEAT REFLECTIVE TILES, SOLAR REFLECTIVE TILES, HEAT RESISTANT TILES, COOL WEATHER PROOF TILES, CERAMIC ROOF TILES, WATER PROOF TILES, HI COOL ROOF TILES, CLAY ROOF TILESS, CEMENT ROOF TILES, ROOFING TILES, ROOF TILES, COOL ROOF TILES, FLOOR AND WALL TILES, CHEQUERED TILES, STEP TILES , CAR PARKING TILES, PAVEMENT TILES EXTERIOR TILES


Thermal Care Roof  Tiles
Thermal Care Roof Tiles INR  27
Thermal cure roof tiles
Thermal cure roof tiles INR  27
Cement Concrete Tiles
Cement Concrete Tiles INR  35
Portico Tiles
Portico Tiles INR  35
Swimming Pool Deck Tiles
Swimming Pool Deck Tiles INR  35
Exterior Concrete Tiles
Exterior Concrete Tiles INR  35
Platform Tiles
Platform Tiles INR  35
Pavement Tiles
Pavement Tiles INR  35
Ramp Tiles
Ramp Tiles INR  35
Step Tiles
Step Tiles INR  25
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